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3 College Marketing Tips to Successfully Reach College Students

College Marketing Tips to Successfully Reach College Students

Understanding college students and ways to appeal to them are essential steps towards integrating your brand’s message into this elusive and somewhat suspicious demographic. Learn 3 college marketing tips to successfully reach college students.

Reaching college students is not an easy task as this elusive 18-24 year old demographic is generally suspicious, cynical and downright distrustful of corporate branding. This market cannot be ignored by brands and companies whose products and services apply to this demographic because many college students are making their own financial decisions for the first time and the purchases they make during this impressionable time can result in potential consumer/brand relationships that can last a lifetime.

Before getting into the tactical elements of which youth marketing services to utilize as a means of getting your message to college students, there must be a conversation pertaining to the broad-strokes of the strategy. When giving advice to clients regarding insights to consider when devising a student marketing strategy, I generally point to three main rules that lay the ground work for an effective message geared toward the students.

1. Stay Out of Their Way

One way to lose this battle quickly, and all of your brand’s credibility, is to impose your message on them in an intrusive way.

2. Be Authentic

College students know when they are being sold a lie and they are certainly not stupid when it comes to advertising. It’s best to be as straightforward as possible in letting them know who you are and letting them make an informed decision. Anything deemed as phony or insincere will not get your brand the time of day.

3. P2P Marketing

A college student, or anyone for that matter, is much more inclined to make a purchase based on the recommendation from a friend rather than ads. This is true for college marketing as well. By utilizing peer to peer marketing as one of your youth marketing services, you will have an edge, not only from a brand integration standpoint but from a word of mouth viral marketing standpoint as well.

If you keep these ideas in mind as you develop your student marketing plan, you can rest assured that corporate and advertising skeptical students will receive your brand’s message with a clear and open mind that could result in a return on investment now and in the future.

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