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King of Zero Wasted Ad Dollars

King of Zero Wasted Ad Dollars Marc Sorel

When Zero Wasted Ad Dollars are imperative, multifaceted marketing strategies are king when it comes to driving the attention of the 18-24 college aged audience.

In order to command the interest and attention of college students, the immediate goal is to not only be relevant in your marketing approach, but to also entertain.

The old adage of not placing all your eggs in one basket should be seriously considered when agencies or businesses decide to develop an advertising to students direct marketing campaign. When it comes to college advertising and youth marketing targeted services, a well-rounded approach including print with QR code tags, digital, social media, peer to peer and word of mouth, experiential, college viral marketing, cause, sampling and online should all be of serious consideration.

College Marketing is used by a wide variety of companies to make relevant their products or services. In understanding how marketing has drastically changed in the last 5 years from simply placing ads in college newspapers or using static display racks on campus in the hope that students see your message, today, the message is made possible by students to students in most cases making it a more believable and instantly socially approved, thus relevant campaign (i.e. how current search is shaping up).

It’s crucial to review: college media planning and buying, school demographics and student demographics (understanding that west coast students are different than east coast students with traditions and activities). In short, target marketing is critical. Engagement of the audience is KEY as students can sniff out a hard sell a mile away. Creating a customer for life today is beyond the old auto days of entry level auto to high priced luxury vehicle years later. The customer for life starts in college, so making an immediate impact at this time is imperative.

Here are a few of the numerous new and successful ways of advertising to students: social marketing, experiential marketing, street teams and sampling, word of mouth student brand ambassadors, social influencers, product placements, and viral marketing.

Some examples of popular campaigns which have been successful in reaching out to a large percentage of youth are:




Multifaceted on campus advertising campaigns minimize chances of failure and in return allow for a more sustainable zero wasted ad dollar effort. In short, this direct youth marketing effort has the best chance of creating a positive branding response, call to action and ultimate conversion or acquisition.

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