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5 Ways to Advertise to College Students

Understanding college students and ways to appeal to them are essential in integrating your brand’s message into this elusive and somewhat suspicious demographic. Follow these tips on 5 ways to advertise to college students. In a recent article by Eric Butterman, he quotes Sam Stahl, VP of Ad Sales at and shares 5 strategies…Continue reading…

King of Zero Wasted Ad Dollars

King of Zero Wasted Ad Dollars Marc Sorel

When Zero Wasted Ad Dollars are imperative, multifaceted marketing strategies are king when it comes to driving the attention of the 18-24 college aged audience. In order to command the interest and attention of college students, the immediate goal is to not only be relevant in your marketing approach, but to also entertain. The old adage of…Continue reading…

Using Contests and Sweepstakes as College Marketing Incentives

gifts-college-students 1

Building in an incentive in the form of a contest or sweepstakes into your marketing program is a great way to grow an initial base of interest in your brand among college students while actively engaging them. It’s no secret that people like getting things for free and college students are no different in that…Continue reading…