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Mobile College Marketing on the Rise: 3 Ways to Cash in

Mobile College Marketing on the rise

College students’ use of mobile phone devices is on the rise more than any other demographic of young adults and reaching college students through their mobile device is essential to success in this market.

 According to a new eMarketer forecast, college students’ use of mobile devices is up 30% over 2011, more than any other adult age demographic.

It’s no secret that college students are savvy with technology and are constantly buried in their mobile phone, iPad and other devices.  What’s more important for companies and brands looking to target the college market in 2012 is how to use this new statistic to their advantage.

When putting together a college marketing strategy, it’s imperative to build in a program using mobile phone marketing technology as an avenue to engage college students.  When advising our clients, I focus the conversation to three main options for effective youth marketing services using mobile college marketing.

  1. College Text MessagingThis way of delivering college ads is economical and should serve as a compliment to college email marketing programs and a solid OOH element on the ground on campus.
  2. Blue Tooth/Wi-Fi Messaging: Working with an exclusive network of Blue Tooth/Wi-Fi transmitters on campus, we are able to offer our clients a unique option in college advertising.  This program takes the right type of client, as a strong budget is required to maximize this program; but the results produced are unquestioned in reaching college students and building a strong ROI.
  3. QR Code AdvertisingQR codes are taking off and they work hand in hand with mobile phone usage.  I always recommend to clients that they utilize QR code in conjunction with college posters and other forms of traditional OOH media on-campus.  QR codes bridge the gap from traditional OOH to mobile phones as encourage college students to use their phone and engage with your brand’s message on campus.

Mobile phones are here to stay and college students will be a big part of that market.  It’s natural for there to be a strong relationship between college marketing solutions and how they can be incorporated to the rising use of mobile phones among college students.  Those who are at the forefront on this trend will reap the rewards.  The right partner in understanding these trends will ensure that your brand/companies do not miss the boat.

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