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How do you capture a highly lucrative yet extremely elusive market? Easy. You let the university marketing experts do it for you. The college marketing experts at New Age Marketing (NAM) know the best ways to build your brand with college students, a market with roughly 17 million consumers who have over $250 billion to spend.
My impression of u guys being the experts in this category is validated … We’ll talk again soon.
Over the last two years, NAM has provided a fantastic ROI by putting up signage, handing out flyers and collecting data cards on college campuses, each of which have generated quality leads. NAM caters to the school’s need to target globally aware and business-minded students by focusing on international dorms and business school buildings as well as by suggesting marketing copy that will be most appealing to prospective students.
- Regional Marketing Manager
I honestly think that NAM & SSA Marketing is one of the few consistently reliable, and cost-effective college marketing devices available.
- Account Supervisor
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